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Yin a Deeper Practice

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The beauty of yin yoga is that it is adaptable to the needs of each practitioner. What determines the depth of one’s practice relates to the intention or focus that is set by the practitioner or the teacher. Be it the space between each thought, pause between each in/out breath, physical sensations, the emphasis on meridians or our changing emotions.

Yin Yoga is an intimate practice between the practitioner and their inner essence or the observer and observee. It is the gateway that bridges the gap of disconnect between the two. A time to pause and reflect or unwind from the hectic and stressful lives we lead.The practice is not about fitting into a shape but more about inviting the shape to adapt to our body using props as support. From an anatomical perspective yin targets the connective tissues, joints and the body’s fascial system. Creating a healthier physical body.

To me this practice is so much more than the physical benefits. Yin has a way of inviting you into the pit of your inner world, a world where thoughts, expressions and emotions have an effect towards one’s overall mental and emotional health.

It is a practice that nudges you to look inwards without judging, to listen without acting and to observe without justifying. True it can leave you open, raw and vulnerable but at the same time it can comfort and heal.

Our breath is such a valuable tool in weaving us through those uncomfortable physical sensations and emotions, but more importantly it encourages us to experience ‘being present’ even if it is for a brief moment. Our breath is the key that unlocks the door way to our inner spirit.

It is through these long-held postures that we gradually learn about meditation, mindfulness and the art of letting to go. Lessons that can enrich our everyday livingTeaching, guiding and inviting my students to dive deep through the practice of yin is how I teach. Creating an environment that is safe, secure and nurturing at the same time.

Communication and language play an important role in the way I teach. Sharing from my own reservoir of life experiences while bearing in mind that we are all unique and special in our own way.

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