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Breathe in Change

Change is the only constant in our lives. It is the only thing that keeps us on our toes. Despite knowing this we still stress about it when it happens! Change makes us vulnerable and insecure. With change comes fear and unknowingly we let it simmer within us.

We thrive on routine and predictability. We like knowing where we stand, even more so we love the ‘idea’ of control as it gives us a sense of grounding or security. The interesting thing is that when we choose change it becomes exciting because we decided where and when that change will happen.

We know that giving up control is tough, but even harder when it is forced upon us. And that is what is happening to the world around us. Change has been thrusted upon us with such force that it has left us in the ‘twilight zone’ (an unusual situation or mental state between real and surreal)

We are so busy scrambling to find things that we can control that we have just tipped the balance into overload. Filling our ‘spare time’ with social networking groups, tutorials and more only to realise that in time this too is not enough!

Building a ‘social life’ through the many socialising platforms that are out there only to realise that in time this will not replace the hugs, kisses we shower on our loved ones that live far away.

Finding ways to support ‘our livelihood’ as if we were the only ones who have lost the only source of income to realise that there are many who don’t have the means or support to make the basic wage.

Seeking refuge in our homes only to realise that we may have overgrown the space we are in when many are not privileged to do this comfort.

Moving into ‘positivity overdrive’ only to realise that we are afraid to trust our inner voice.

At some point, you will be anxious and scared. You will either share your fears or keep it locked up within you. You see we are all riding the waves of change… some harder than others.

We are desperately seeking something that we can trust or hold onto…. A sign or whisper to show the way…. Something that we can control without the madness attached to it. Something that can keep us calm, help and sustain us. Something that connects us to our inner voice and guides us back to being in the present moment.

OUR BREATH is that something.

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Breathe to Change

Credit: Ramblings of Claury

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