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Art Of Svādhyāya™ Yin Training

  • This 100-hour/50 -hour training explores the beauty of this meditative Yin practice; understanding the Philosophy of Yin and its postures, Discussing the effects of Yin on the subtle body and Learning about sensations and Working towards our edge and Experiencing teaching a yin class.

  • Reacquaint your self with your own breath and understanding the effects of breath has on our physical and subtle body.

  • It’s about tapping into your inner strengths and experiences, teaching from the heart and being truly yourself. Merging the qualities of yin yoga into our lives. Most importantly inviting the qualities of non-judgement into our teachings and practice.

  • This training is created to invite introspection, communication and compassion within. To bring balance into our already yang and busy life. By strengthening the body, mind, and heart we are better equipped to live a more balanced life.

  • My Teacher Training is practical, hands on, simple and most importantly I believe in keeping the numbers small so that I am able to give my full attention to the individual needs of each of my students. An environment that is safe, secure and free of judgments is the basis of a strong foundation. With many years of teaching, I’ve focused on developing an experience that isn’t just philosophy based but is practical which can be taken into our own personal journey off the mat.

The 100-hour TTC is held in New Delhi

 The 50-hour TTC is held in Chennai